Friday, March 12, 2010

Another BE project -A quick post

Lack of time and energy after long work days and various other obligations are a few reasons that compelled me stay away from embroidery and posting. But today I was determined enough to make a post at least. Today I want to share my second BE project. It’s a small square measuring 12 X 12 cm. You are likely to make out the stitches that I have used by seeing it.

All the knots are colonial knots. The background filling is pekinese stitch. I added the background to fill the space between the flowers. And for the rolled roses I would like to thank Deepa for her valuable BE lessons gift......they are a life long treasure.

The main intention behind creating this square was to try different BE stitches. I didn't have anything in mind at that point of time. But now that I have completed, I am wondering what to do with it. Should I frame it or use it in the middle of a cushion or.....any suggestion?

I will be back soon friends..