Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back with a bang…oops old bangs :P

A big ‘hello’ to everyone out there. Old bangs coz today I am about to share two old projects, one finished and one unfinished


The first one is a handkerchief that I made for a friend of mine. Its special for me because it was my first BE project. The stitches are done with silk skeins. To personalize it I stitched the name of my friend. I was pretty satisfied with the outcome. After all it’s always fun to make stuffs for people whom you can count on your bad as well as good times, isn’t it?

Next is another unfinished project. It’s another mekhela for my mom. I used cotton Anchor floss. As you can see, I have used stem, satin and pistil stitch. I don’t even remember when I started it…lol……and see I am not even ashamed of saying so…..:P. Perhaps I will consider completing it as a part of my New Year resolution, let’s


Anyways, I completed the traditional attire (mekhela) that I was making for my mom. She was on cloud nine after getting it!

That all for today! Will be back very soon……:)

Love ALL…..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daisy Lady- My first Dotee Doll

My first Dotee Doll, I named her Daisy Lady. Check out her closely and you will know why i named her so.......yes you are right, since she is embellished mostly with lazy daisy stitch. Isn't she cute?

I made her for a very dear friend of my mine. In fact, she is already on her way to my friend's place..i hope my doll likes her new home.

When I started my blog, I planned that I will at least do one posting every week. But, I think my full time job won't allow me to do that....:P

Lots more to come folks...(at least one post a month)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beginning

Hi to everyone. When I am doing nothing I love to get absorb in needlework. I started learning embroidery when I was in school. My grandma is the one who taught me the basics. Till now I have learned several stitches visually browsing through various websites and craft blogs.

My main motto of creating this blog is to display the projects that I do whenever I get spare time. Apart from needlework, I also love doing painting and other craft works.

Today I would like to show you all a two year old project that is still incomplete.....:P It is a traditional attire that I am making for my mom. The whole piece is done using running stitch.

Here is a close up of the piece. There are a lot of things that i would like to share in future...So, please do visit me again.... Love, Anu